Ranged Cruzader in Warzone


I would like to know if you are looking for an alternative to balance the war zone, being a  ranged cruzader is the same as not being able to enjoy this modality of the game. it is absurd that the classes are so unbalanced

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Ranged Cruzader in Warzone
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171 days ago

thank you very much for your answers, finally the best way is to arm yourself very turned to the suppression.

173 days ago
Yes, there will be considerable changes made in Warzone missions but such changes take time. The 2.0 update which was announced lately will bring these changes most likely.
173 days ago
Playing a level 80 Grav-Gun Ranged Crusader, and currently at Warzone 90 or so without major problems while still at Warzone charlevel 20.  Also doing 5 to 7 chests in the City of Suffering, and 15-20 minutes at the Cathedral. 

So maybe your Ranged Crusader build isn't the best one?