Random Crashes


Hi guys,

i've got a big problem with playing the game.

I get many game crashes at various missions (Single and Coop). Sometimes i need to start the same mission 4-5 times to get passed. Sometimes it crashes at the beginning, sometimes in the middle or at the end - complety various. Also the playtime is very different from a few minutes to 1 hour for the first crash - and then many more.

When the game crashes i get a freeze (the sound contiues for a short time) and then i get the error message "Warhammer... reagiert nicht" and i get back to desktop.

- Pet is disabled

- Steam files are verified

- Reinstalled the game already

- Registry was cleaned

Any thoughts what i could do / check to get a stable and playable game?



- Windows 10 64bit,  i7 8700k. 16GB RAM. Geforce GTX 1080Ti (Resolution: 2560x1440, G-Sync on)

- Only F-Secrue and some windows and equipment tools are running in the background

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Random Crashes
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4 years 102 days ago

To the developers

Can nobody offer a possibility or a solution?

If other games are working properly, it can not be a computer problem.

Are there known incompatibilities with other programs?