Questions about Kabal-Development


Every week I do have a look into the Kabal Mission that is offered to my Kabal. And if it is possible to complete it instantly - spend Money or Ressources - I complete the Task. Sometimes I'm able to complete the Tasks that requires Fights, but due to Reallife Engagements this happens only every 5 or 6 Weeks.

Today I completed the first Task of the current Week - spend some Ressources. But when I took a Look to the Points of the current Rank I noticed: more than 100 Points are Missing.

Questions: Where are the Missing Points? Is the Kabal loosing Points, if none of the given Tasks are completed? And where was this announced? 

If this is an intended "Bug" to force the People to play the Game it seems to be senseless to be Part of a Kabal. None of us has the Time to spend every Week 10 Hours or more just to complete the - sorry - stupid Mission "Kill an specific amount of this specific Kind of Enemy". It would be very nice if the Players with less Time to play aren't handycaped this Way, otherwise you kill another Part of the Game, as you did with adding the DLC (collecting the Fate for the DLC "disabled" the Tarot Missions for me - sorry to say that, but it's obviously that you (the Devs) haven't eleborated this for Players like me).

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Questions about Kabal-Development
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170 days ago
Greetings (and a Happy New Year),

the Cabal's name is: [DE] 61st Night Lords

Members: 3

Current Level: 2

Current Points: 458 

Points ca 3 Weeks ago:  530 - 535

Additional Info: The cuurent Points are noticed after completing the first Weekly Challenge last Week. Because we get 15 Points for each completed Task, the Value was 443 at the Beginning of the Week. Conclusion: We lost roughly 90 Points.

170 days ago
This is definitely not something we initially devised, it's very likely that it is a bug. 

Could you please give us your Cabal's name? We will check if something happened!