camera zoom


During the parties I regularly have a small camera eyebrow. The camera zooms in on itself without me doing it.
Can you solve this little problem?
Would it be possible also that in the parameters we can block the zoom to the desired distance?
I am on ps4

thank you in advance

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camera zoom
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5 years 191 days ago

The camera zooms forward very slowly forward in solo, multi and warzone.

I also take the opportunity to inform you that at the beginning of warzone we can distigute "the ceiling" of the first room for a few seconds. At the same time, part of the screen becomes red.

Good work

5 years 191 days ago

You mean this occurs only in coop or local coop?

How much does your camera zoom in? Please mind that in local coop the camera dynamically changes - zooms out and zooms in - according to the distance between the players! 

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