Question on item bonuses / enchants


Hello, I just have a few questions about possible item bonuses as of 2.0, as I’ve rerolled many times and haven’t gotten some old things even once.

First, is it still possible to get the “Chance on deflect to cause a shockwave that stuns and slows enemies” relic bonus on Crusader armour anymore? I’ve spent so many resources trying to get this with no luck!

Secondly, is it still possible to get the “Gain 5 suppression on deflect” bonus? I’ve also been trying for this one and cannot seem to get it.


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Question on item bonuses / enchants
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1 year 362 days ago
Well, they are still in the game but can't drop anymore which is why certain legacy items are incredibly strong and sought after. (Psychic ROD with Damage for Every Debuff i. e.)
1 year 363 days ago

Various enchants got removed with Patch 2.0 so I'm pretty sure the ones you are looking for are no longer in the game.