Ivory Void Mission


Hi i got myself stuck in a Ivory Void Mission where i have to rescue and extract Guards. It is the Mission on the right side.

There is a problem with the layout of the map. When you enter the hallway before the last guard group you get trapped.

When you destroy the bulkdoor you have to wait till it opens. The enemys behind that door notice you and the whole room is aggroed. They will stream to the door leaving the guard group alone. If you decide to defeat all enemys near the door you have yourself soft locked. The last guard group was not in a fight and will stay in place forever.


To prevent that you have to remember do not fight at the beginning of the room. Run through the crowd until the last guard group starts fighting. Then you can defeat the enemys normally and the mission can progress.

The second problem i wanted to report is the wandering servoskull. The tooltip states that he is random in every void crusade and on the map.

But for me he is always in the same mission on the same spot. 

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Ivory Void Mission
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