Question for the Developers


I have suggestions for using easy 16 Skills with a Gamepad. The Inquisitor Class is Changed to 1 only but can have 2 Weapons Sets and Ranged Two Handed Weapons are Combi Weapons using 2 different Weapons but only the primary Weapon can use normal shots, the secondary weapon only uses the Cooldown Weapon Skills. The Inquisitor Class has 1 Psionic Set with 4 Different Skills and 1 Summon Set which summons Minions for a short Duration of Time but with Long Cooldown. You can switch the 4 Skill Sets with the Gamepad Arrows.

The Weapon Balancing should be more like in the Tabletop. Meaning a Melter has a long Cooldown for normal Shots but can Instant Kill a Space Marine or does very Heavy Damage against stuff like Dreadnoughts.

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Question for the Developers
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1 year 291 days ago

If they really want to change it, they please should write me a message, but maybe they won't change classes because they have a Psyker only Class ^^

1 year 294 days ago
Thank you for your suggestions, I forwarded them to our console department they will take them into consideration!