Blocked on gatekeepers quest, completely unable to kill them


I get to an area with a electric fence, and 4 bosses, but my avatar is completely outgunned, it's impossible to progress past. I have only 2 open quests, (gatekeepers and finding 5 bombs) and no available quests in the village.

single player offline mode

What am I doing wrong, or is this game just going to break in this fashion again after I cheat to get past them, if I don't find some obvious thing I'm unable to? I am able to damage one of the4 bosses only slightly, so something is completely wrong here.

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Blocked on gatekeepers quest, completely unable to kill them
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5 years 160 days ago
I had not started to just enchant every single item, and had not started to just forge things instead of selling them. I am tempted to start over on hard difficulty, but some game mechanics are still not clear to me, I have now got 2 passive auras, but completely unclear how the active skills boosts work, are these special atttacks that you need to hotkey?
5 years 165 days ago
Try to kill the one with the HP regen, after that the fight gets a lot easier. Getting better equipment for higher burst damage also helps.
5 years 167 days ago
also, why do i need to have a post title as well as a post summary? That's going to help me in a way that....