Question about Melee weapons and Melee Tree


I was tweaking the build on my Melee Crusader and I noticed some things that raised some rather serious questions.

Two of the attacks for the Thunder Hammer are not labeled as Melee.

  • Thundering Leap: Long Range
  • Shockwave: Medium Range

Does this mean that these 2 attacks on a Melee Weapon are not affected by any Melee modifiers, or even the Melee Tree itself?

If this is the case it severely decreases the usefulness of the Melee tree.  Especially since it seems like many of the AoE attacks are affected.  The ones many of us want enhanced the most since they're the most used.  

MANY Melee weapons have attacks that are not Labeled as being labeled Melee. They're labeled as Medium Range; Long Range; Self.

  • Arc Sword: 3/4
  • Assassin Power Sword 2/4 
  • Carthean Sword: 3/4
  • Eviscerator 2/4
  • Great Ax 2/4
  • Greatsword 1/4
  • Thunder hammer 2/4
  • Arc Blade 2/4
  • Death Cult Blade 1/4
  • Null rod 2/4
  • Power Hammer 1/2

Heck, if a power is labeled as "Self" Does that mean it's not affected by neither the Melee nor Ranged modifiers?

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Question about Melee weapons and Melee Tree
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2 years 294 days ago
We will look into their operation, thanks for bringing this to our notice.