PvP Arena


I love the pvp mode and I hope it will be developed. Below are some of my thoughts on the pvp arena:

1. When the opponent gives up and leaves the arena, then our winnings should be immediate. Now we have to wait until we get 100 points.

2. Before starting the arena with the help of preview (B), the opponent's class should be visible.

3. The ranking should contain more information: number of games, kills / deaths, division into different characters, etc.

4. Arena chat. It's nice to talk about tactics and balance.

5. A sound signal when the opponent / team is found in pvp / coop. Increasing the time to approve the pvp / coop game from 15s to 30s.

6. Some skills like time warp, death augury and distortion field seem too good in the arena.

7. Surrender / forfeit option.

8. Mines after activation should be friendly fire.

8. In the future, maybe more game modes and maps? I would like to see the CTF, deathmatch, cabal wars and 3v3 modes :)

9. Some week / month rewards would be useful depending on the place in the ranking.

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PvP Arena
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