purchased game twice, did not recieve


I decided to purchase the interrogators pack for Inquisitor: martyr, but when I used amazon pay, Xsolla gave me a error message saying that the purchase could not be completed, so i tried it again and got the same error. But when I went to login to Amazon Pay to see if it was a error on their part, it said that I had in fact purchased two copies of the interrogator pack, and my bank account was also charged twice. I cancelled my authorization for Xsolla, even though that probably wont work. I have also not received a copy of the game yet, despite making the purchases almost 20 minutes ago. I am not sure if it takes a while for a purchase to go through or not, but i was wondering if it is possible to cancel one of the purchase orders.

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purchased game twice, did not recieve
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7 years 58 days ago

I also did not find any information on where to download the game from in any receipt or correspondence . I can see the problem if your not used to Steams activation system. I think the receipt you receive should have a line added explaining the method of download  would help.

7 years 66 days ago

You'd have to contact amazon and see if they can fix it and if there's a * on your banking statement then they know something went wrong and you'll be recharged back the money within 5 bank days usually. Hope that helps a bit.

7 years 66 days ago

I sent a support ticket to both Amazon and Xsolla, I will update when one of them responds. 

7 years 65 days ago

Also. It's not explained very well(ie at all) when you buy the game you won't get a copy of the game. What you get is a "steam key" in your supplied email. You have to use that key in your steam account to download via steam...