Psyker issues


When playing online multiplayer coop on the PS4, my Psyker is unable to move, use powers or even be hurt by mobs after being killed while overwhelmed and overheated. My character is standing with a full health bar but is rendered completely useless until the end of the mission. There are no problems once the mission is completed and another player is able to teleport me to the command bridge. My cousin has also experienced this issue with his Psyker under the same circumstances.

I am unsure if this is a known issue. If it is, I apologize for the repeat post.


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Psyker issues
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2 years 61 days ago
Thanks for getting back. In case you will have any tips how we can find the issue please get back to us and we will check it.
2 years 61 days ago
Thanks for the reply! At the time of the issue I did not even have Death Augury unlocked. I cannot tell you what abilities I had on the toolbar at that moment because I am still trying to learn the class/best skills. But I can assure you Death Augury was not one.
2 years 62 days ago
There is one skill bugged at the moment which can cause this issue: Death Augury. In case you cast it then switch to your other weapon set you will be unable to move again. Can you confirm that you use Death Augury?