Enraged token on kill


I have item (purity seal) which give me 97% get enraged token on kill. But it only gives one token at a time no matter how many enemies you kill in one attack. So i am always running with one token cause it add and detract one with attack. And only way i can see to stack up to 10 tokens to have 2+ items with this quality. So you will have 2+ token for kills and detract one for attack.  Is "Enraged token on kill" bugged and it should give one token for each enemy killed, so you can get several tokens with one attack?

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Enraged token on kill
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127 days ago

A lot of stuff seems to act strange here. For instance using a belt item with "%crit chance per enrage token"  fails to consistently give the update as it should if you do the math. I paused game plenty of times seeing number of enrage tokens on screen and displayed crit chance and it did not match.  I should have clearly reached the 100% mark but rarely did, some times the crit chance did continuously go up if my enrage tokens where consumed instead. Maybe you have to switch weapons here as well to update stat screen properly?

I also had the issue that on my psyker the ""%crit chance per enrage token" seemed not to work at all on belt item, especially a psycic focus, whereas on other classed it at least has some (unpredictable) effect.

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136 days ago
Hi, a small bump... any news regarding whether or not this issue is resolved and we just need to w8 for the patch or anything ? This is really hurting my build....
148 days ago
Update: it works for shockwave. It still doesn`t work for Thundering Leap.
148 days ago
Bump of topic. I`m experiencing same issue with Thundering Leap and +1 Enraged token on critical hit. I hit 4-5 crits at the same time with Thundering Leap but always get only 1 Token. Please fix :)
189 days ago
We will look into this matter, thanks for providing details on how it works as of now. Thanks for the report!