Psyker gameplay improvements


Out of all the 3 characters available, the Psyker is my favourite and to me one that has the most interesting type of gameplay as it is a very specialised and tactical one. I am fully aware that its gameplay revolves around the use of the  psychic tomes and how to combine them depending on the situation faced. 

However, compared to the other characters I cannot but feel that the Psyker is lacking a certain kind of weapons diversity. Basically there are only 4 types of weapons available  which tends to render the gameplay somewhat repetitive. For instance, using pistols is difficult because it takes two slots that could have been used for powers making it necessary to couple it with a sword or a staff that cannot be used fully because of the lack of power slots. 

Thus, in order to deepen the Psyker gameplay i am wondering to what degree would it be possible to add some new types of two-handled contact weapons taken from the Warhammer lore such as Force Halleberds or Great Swords of various power sorts as long as other weapons than pistols? 

Thank you in advance for your answer.


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Psyker gameplay improvements
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163 days ago

thank you for your suggestion!
There are currently several combinations available for the Psyker so its skill variety in fact is bigger than that of the Assassin or Crusader but our designers will consider whether more weapons should and could be introduced in the game.