Psalm Code not working / showing


Ive tried ussing this Psalm Code / 's BUT it wont show a text that this is working.

Don't know if some of the psalms are bugged (haven't tested out all of the codes that need them all)

But I do suspect that some of the highend psalms is not working properly, probably voltagheist or animus could be the culprint.

I've posted the combination that I was going for and there is no "extra" text confirming it's active.

Hermeticon Psalm + Voltagheist Psalm + Galvanic Psalm + Aegis Psalm + Animus Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm

Causing Shock on an enemy creates an explosion dealing halved Damage and Shock to nearby enemies

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Psalm Code not working / showing
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3 years 160 days ago

It should be 30% less AOE but more damage but says invalid enchant and isnt working.

3 years 161 days ago

It will get fixed, thanks for your report!

3 years 167 days ago
I hope it can be fixed soon
3 years 167 days ago
Many Codes seem to be bugged.