Gravity Implosion seems bugged


So I switched from my Tech adept to try my Crusader this morning for a bit and Gravity Implosion from Grav Gun seems bugged. It almost never lasts 5 seconds. Most of the time it lasts less then a second, sometimes a few seconds, rarely 5 seconds. Not sure what is causing it to end early, but it happens alot. 

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Gravity Implosion seems bugged
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2 years 152 days ago
So a bit more testing. It's not 100% of the time, but most of the time when the implosion ends early, it seems like it happens when I targeted a specific mob, and when that mob dies, the effect ends. 
2 years 153 days ago
We will re-check this issue, thanks for reporting it!
2 years 155 days ago

Sorry to say that I mentioned this exact thing a while back, and it seems that a year later, nothing has been done about it.