ps5 bugs and glitchs encountered so far


Hi there, i noticed that not many people playing this game on console, so i was thinking about to make a post about how this game perform on latest console and issues i been encountered. Forgive my poor english skills since it is not my first language.

1: screen tearing and micro stutterings. 

seems like the character is moving in 60FPS, but somehow background is moving in 30FPS, especially when spinning the camera, you could see the tearing very clear. it caused kind of dizziness. it is quiet noticable and kind of disturbing. 

2: Several tarot card combination in pre-combat screen could cause game crush 

i did not know the english name of those campagins since i play it in Chinese version. but i been having this problem maybe 3-4 times. sometime it crush in loading screen, sometimes it crush after i enter the combat, i have to restart the game and change the combination of tarots, then it works fine

3:Frame-drop and Screen freezing.

I have read feel threads about how this game would freeze on PC in certain situation, however, it do happens in PS5 as well, just not that frenquent. 

Temporary solution is that i found out if i turned off all the hints in game(not sure about english terms), such as damages shown on screen, weapon rages, health bar, as well as character highlighen, character flash light, skill describtions. basiclly left everything uncheck in the game setting except auto pick-up. (but i have my frame blending turned on and im on 1440P quality mode)these steps are having a huge help on weird stuttering and tearing even tho it is still noticable.

I am a big fun of warhammer, i do enjoy this game very much, even console group of this game is minor, i still hope that you wont give up on us. LOL

thanks in advance.

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ps5 bugs and glitchs encountered so far
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198 days ago
Thanks for the list, I will forward it all to our console team. Please bear in mind that Inquisitor was not optimized to the new-gen consoles till today. But this MIGHT change in the upcoming period. :)

Certainly not abandoning you guys, that's for sure!

199 days ago
BTW Im on LG 4K 60HZ monitor, not TV with game mode or so.