[PS4] The Martyr: Chapter 4, Clue 4/7 No Progression


The quests says Follow the Trail of Flavius Draken. Clue 4/7

I just finished taking the warmachine Crimson Wamderer to the fortress gates mission. Return to my ship and theres nothing. I Cant hot button to the missioj progression or find it on the map.

I restarted the game to no avail. Even ran missions and raised my gear level.  Screenshot attached
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[PS4] The Martyr: Chapter 4, Clue 4/7 No Progression
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3 years 208 days ago


we made some changes on our backend yesterday, please check if the fixes resolved your progress problem. Further fixes are to be expected shortly! Our apologize for the inconvenience!

3 years 208 days ago

Sony will not be issuing refunds. Here is my transcript

Rene (3/3/2019, 2:41:02 PM): Hello, My name is Rene how may I assist you today?
Remember: Please do not refresh your screen as it will disconnect the chat session. Thanks!
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:41:31 PM): Good day! I’ll be here to do my best to assist you with any concerns you may have.
Me (3/3/2019, 2:41:39 PM): I need a refund for a digital purchase that wont function. The devs cant be reached
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:42:15 PM): Hi Alexander, I understand you would like to get a refund. No worries, we will do our best to check if the refund can be processed.

Moving forward, we’re updating your profile information, would you please provide the following information to better assist you?
-Phone number
-Reason of the refund request
-Content you need refund for
-First and last name

May I also ask, are you the owner of the payment method charged for the content?
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:44:07 PM): Are you still there?
Me (3/3/2019, 2:44:18 PM): Sorry I'm using a phone it takes a while
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:45:35 PM): Thank you very much, let me check the game information.
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:47:45 PM): Thank you so much for waiting, after reviewing your account details and history, the system shows that the content has been downloaded and played and once that happens, we are unable to submit a refund. allow me a moment while I check if we can find any support information, in the meantime please provide me with the support info you have from the game publisher.
Me (3/3/2019, 2:48:39 PM): On the forums many players are saying that they're getting full refunds.
Me (3/3/2019, 2:48:44 PM): https://neocoregames.com/en/community/hub?game=warhammer-40k-1
Me (3/3/2019, 2:49:02 PM): A simple look at the topics will show you that all PS4 owners are affected by this and dozens are already getting refunds via live chat which is how I came to be here
Me (3/3/2019, 2:49:43 PM): The devs Facebook, Twitter, and other means of communications have not received any official response. In the bug is game breaking. It's literally unplayable
Me (3/3/2019, 2:50:31 PM): I had the game for two days before it permanently broke, I have an official topic on the forms that was filed on the 28th and it is now the third with no response. Whether or not I have played the game I don't think should be an issue considering that the game is completely unplayable for every PS4 owner. It should probably be removed from the store
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:51:25 PM): Thank you so much for the details, i am checking all information to provide you with the most accurate response.
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:52:43 PM): Thank you so much for waiting Alexander
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:53:27 PM): We were checking the game details and we were able to find the game released an update to improve the gaming experience three days ago, we also found out that support is still available for the game by the publisher.
Me (3/3/2019, 2:53:43 PM): That hotfix is what broke the game
Me (3/3/2019, 2:54:26 PM): And why they claim there is support open, they have been unreachable. When you go to their disorder they are playing Apex and they set themselves to private so you cannot text them. Their Facebook and Twitter are non-responsive. They haven't acknowledged there is an issue
Me (3/3/2019, 2:54:50 PM): Discord*
Me (3/3/2019, 2:56:30 PM): It is unacceptable for a developer company to have literally thousands of posts in the bug report forums for going on for days without any response for a game-breaking console specific error
Rene (3/3/2019, 2:57:02 PM): I understand Alexander and believe me we would really love to help you further, but in this case, since it is an in game issue, you will need to wait for any response from the publisher since they are the ones who have access to the game servers to fix the issues.
Me (3/3/2019, 2:58:02 PM): I am not happy with this, Sony is selling a broken product even now. What's a developer who has been AFK for 4 days right after Sony put their game on a 60% sale

The conversation ended. I will be contacting my State Attorney General both about Sony's bad sales practices, and the level of protection neocore this thief of a company uses via sony.

3 years 210 days ago
Can we get a Dev or Community manager response on this. I bought the game less than a week ago. I was really enjoying playing and trying to get friends to get it. And I haven't been able to play it for 2 days. At least acknowledge that you see the issue and you're working on it. Silence is the death of game companies. We rather know that you seen it and it's difficult and it could take a while. Then to be left completely in the dark
3 years 210 days ago
I decided to play side missions so that I could have some extra cash Valor while I waited for a patch to come out since I can't progress. So I went to that one medical base from the beginning of the game and decided to run its Mission because it usually drops a ton of gear. Only to have the game blue screen time and time again when I tried to click confirm Mission. That's when I realized that any mission that requires you to go through any kind of dialogue option, does not work. The vast majority of the story missions, and anything that comes from a conversation with an NPC.
3 years 210 days ago
I have the same probelem on chapter 5 cant do mission 2. Ps4.Quite annoying am quite enjoying this.
3 years 210 days ago
Please check my post guys, thumbs it and share.

We are all in same boat. It's like second one 


3 years 210 days ago
I'm in the same boat. Though I'm stuck at talking to Metrodora Thelema during the Van Wynter Legacy, clue 5 of 11.

Have restarted the game, run other missions, reset the PS4 entirely.  Still stuck at 5 of 11. Still tells me to talk to Thelema, but will not advance.