Out now on PS4 and Xbox One:

Season 2 - Khorne



The long-awaited Season 2 has arrived to the console versions of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr (both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), introducing the theme of the Blood God, Khorne.

An unexpected Chaos incursion into the vaults of a renowned Navigator House exposes a disturbing new conflict in a forsaken region of the Caligari Sector. The trail of buried secrets leads to a place that shouldn’t even exist and unleashes the tide of carnage that will soon engulf entire planets if the agents of the Inquisition cannot stop the mayhem of Khorne, the Chaos God of war, rage and hate.

The new Season for “Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr” will let loose the bloodthirsty followers of Khorne in the Caligari Sector, opening up a new Subsector with new star systems, introducing the Daemons of Khorne and the visually stunning and macabre gameplay mechanics designed to conjure the atmosphere of battling the violent and primal followers of the Blood God, while two brand new investigations will tell the dark story behind the existence of the Voidrippers, the unique sandboxed Chaos Space Marine Chapter worshipping Khorne.

Main Features

  • Season 2: Khorne is now live
  • 11 new enemy units introduced within the new Khorne faction
  • Inquisitorial Rank cap increased to 80
  • Item level cap increased to 70
  • The Agartha Subsector has opened. Minimum power rating: 1300 (1500)*
  • Introducing two new Investigations, "Awakening" and "Retribution"
  • New game mechanic: Blood Tithe
    • Dynamic weather and difficulty change as you slaughter Khorne forces
  • Revised, faster execution animations for the normal and medium sized enemies without an additional slow motion effect and rotating camera movements

For a more detailed description of changes, read our patch log.

* Note: we're aware of an issue where the in-game description of minimum power rating for the Agartha Subsector displays as 1300, but is actually 1500. The power rating requirement will be lowered in a hotfix soon. For compensation, until this is fixed, Tarot missions don't cost any Fate.

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Out now on PS4 and Xbox One: Season 2 - Khorne
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3 years 215 days ago

Is anyone still experiencing the problem? Some fixes have taken place and further ones are to be expected. Please confirm if you once again can proceed in the campaign or still have any issues!

3 years 216 days ago
I'm having the same issues everyone else is. 

3 years 217 days ago

The game is totally broken from the start to the finish. If you haven't already found out - a disastrous hotfix update makes the game unplayable, so you are not able to proceed any further - be it mission one or seven or whatsoever.  We all hope this will be adressed tomorrow along with some compensation.

It should have been adressed yesterday, but the developers seem to playing around with something else instead of focussing on the task at hand: Repairing their game that cost us money. 

3 years 217 days ago

Hello, I can not pass the mission of season 1 of the Eldar, it hangs and does not allow further. Tried to create a new character, but alas, the problem is the same after passing through the company's mission, a button appears to exit, but no action is taken. I play on PS4. fix it. It is impossible to play.

3 years 217 days ago

Hello, I have problems with the game, when the mission is over it is blocked and I can not continue, I have to close and reopen only to start playing after creating the character. Everything worked fine until the mission of finding the biologis magicians, the investigation was blocked in 4/5 and I had to restart and now I do not pass the first mission. A greeting.

3 years 221 days ago

the Tarot missions are still free of cost, we updated our news feed once again!

3 years 221 days ago
Has this been fixed yet? I'm no longer getting the messag in my newsfeed saying tarot missions are still free