PS4 performance enhancements?


Hello, just want start off by saying im really enjoying the game i had bought an early access version on pc, but am currently playin on ps4. Now having said that the ps4 version of the games performance is quite odd. Theres alot of screen tearing even during the opening cutscenes? Im confused as to why this is happening and why it hasnt been fixed, ive seen a few posts/videos around the internet but havent really seen it addressed. Normally id be willing to deal with it but seein as an upcoming update to the game is increasing the combat speed as well as other improvements, i was wondering how much worse the screen tearing/framerate will be, or if we can expect it to be resolved in the coming weeks?

TL;DR are there going to be performance improvements to the ps4/xbox1 versions of the game come 2.0???

Thanks, may the filth of screen tearing be purged in the Emperor's name!

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PS4 performance enhancements?
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10 hours ago
thx marco for the updates!!
15 hours ago

There will be a patch today with additional performance improvements and we are working on further - considerable - changes in this regards. The 2.0 patch will address this! 

2 days ago
as much as i love the game, i cant even do warzones on ps4 cause its too laggy......
7 days ago

yes, there have been several improvements with the released patches and we are planning to further improve the general performance with the 2.0 patch.