PS4 Multiplayer Not Available?


Trying to figure out if the multiplayer is down while hammering out issues with the latest patch, if it's a glitch, or if there's something I need to do before I can resume using multiplayer.

Doesn't matter if it's the cooperative multiplayer or the PvP, I try to connect and after a few seconds I get a notification the multiplayer is unavailable.

I have only thought to check with my psyker character, didn't think to try with the assassin to see what happens, but I'm sure the issue would persist regardless of character.

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PS4 Multiplayer Not Available?
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3 years 137 days ago

What do you experience since the latest PS4 patch? Is there a message you get maybe?

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3 years 138 days ago

I dont know if its the  same  bug but i cant play online with friands since the new update(ps4)

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3 years 166 days ago
Just checked, it's working now for me as well.
3 years 166 days ago


3 years 166 days ago
@RIGG‍ sorry for the late reply, the matchmaking has been working already. 
3 years 167 days ago


matchmacking not working on ps4. check please servers

3 years 168 days ago
I have been able to play online co op with the same friend on PS4 over the course of a few days with no problems connecting. I haven't tried pvp or an open co op game however.