PS4 Hunter of Hunters and Stalwart Servant trophies still bugged


Game mentions in the info feed that the tracking of the trophies has been fixed, but don’t think it was fixed for Hunter of Hunters and Stalwart Servant trophies. They are still bugged, I completed Hunter of Hunters heroic deed, and don’t get trophy. Checked game now and still don’t have it.

Also, just now I have finished Stalwart Servant Heroic Deed, got Bibliophiac trophy for all skill trees, but not Stalwart Servant one.

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PS4 Hunter of Hunters and Stalwart Servant trophies still bugged
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1 year 42 days ago

Ok, can confirm that Hunter of Hunters is working.

But if bossed were killed from 02.08.2020 to 05.08.2020 they don’t count and you need to kill extra amount for bossed that was killed at this time period. Since as I wrote before, I killed 2 as tech adept before 02.08.2020 then killed 4 more and don’t get trophy. After fix from 05.08.2020, I kill 3 more in friend campaigns, 2 as Psyker and 1 as tech adept. And get trophy.

So, if anyone start working on it now they should have no problems to get this trophy. But if you killed some bosses when it was bugged – you in trouble, since there is only 5 bosses total in all campaigns (3 in main, 1 in DLC and 1 in Prophecy), and I don’t think there is any more boss type enemies outside campaign. Never seen them anywhere else including Void Crusade missions. So only reasonable way to farm them – create new character, and not tech adept since he have only 1 boss in the end of Prophecy campaign.

1 year 44 days ago

Judge and Jury is bugged to. I got 50 executions with my Crusader, finished the heroic deed butt the trophie didn't pop. I farmed some more executions, butt nothing.

1 year 44 days ago


Thanks for your input.
For the cabal I know I have to participate in those directives. The cabal I'm in can have 5 different missions. So then I must be close to getting this one.

For all other trophies the stats are reset to 0. So we have to do them all again.
That was mentioned in my topic (PS4 Tech Adept Trophy bugs)
They only fixed the counter and not if we already got the heroic deed so it could instantly unlock those trophies

1 year 44 days ago


I can say for next 2 that they are working:

  • For the Cabal – I got it yesterday after 10 Cabal directives done. But there is catch, if you play in not solo Cabal – et other players also can finish directives while you offline, there directives wont cont. You need to participate in each directive for it to be count in trophy. But this one is good now.
  • Sweet Pain – it working, but since there is no deed for it, it hard to say how may it require. I think it require more than 100 Catalysts to unlock. I don’t finish it et, but friend got it after 5 missions where we kill about 25-30 Catalysts per run. So, I think there can be same but as some other counther have – they require 1.5 of real amount et. 150 in total.

Can’t say anything about other trophies from you list, I finished them before last update that broke most trophies.

1 year 44 days ago

Then check these trophies aswell, because they won't unlock: (or the complete tracker has been reset to 0) But if you have the heroic deed there is no way for us to track the requirements.

These trophies I have tried after the mention of the trophy tracking fix

Visionary - Complete 10 Void Crusade missions
For the Cabal - Complete 10 Cabal directives with your Cabal. (not sure about this one)
Sweet Pain - Destroy 100 Pain Catalysts in City of Suffering (DLC required). (not sure)
Master Datasmith - Kill 2500 Enemies by your Kastelan Robots (Tech-Adept only).
STC Specialist - Summon 1000 Constructs (Tech-Adept only).
Unyielding Legion - Complete 25 missions without loosing a single Construct (Tech-Adept only).

These are the ones that won't unlock for me

1 year 44 days ago

Yes, Hunter of Hunters definitely not working. Just helped friend to kill final boss in campaign, and still no trophy. I totally killed around 11 bosses now, 2 in as tech adept, 3 as templar (here I got heroic deed done) and 6 as Psyker (3 in my campaign and 3 in friend campaign). And still no trophy.

@MARCOPOLOCS‍  Can you ask devs to look it to it?