[PS4] Hitbox Nemesis Boss



the hitbox of the Nemesis Boss seems to be bugged. Most of the time my melee assassin can't regenerate adrenaline, when hitting him. Also the passive skills don't work. I often have no life on hit from my relic and also no cooldown reduction. It seems to be important, where I hit the boss, but I'm unable to reproduce the bug. It happens everytime I fight the Nemesis.

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[PS4] Hitbox Nemesis Boss
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11 days ago

Additional Information:

- When hitting the Nemesis, the sound of electricity of the Arc Sword is missing. It sounds like hitting an object (wall, barrel, etc.)

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13 days ago
Hi Marcopolocs,

thank you for your reply. I try to explain the main skills / attributes of my build:


Accuracy 15 (for damage bonus in Surprise state)

Survival 8

Bloodlust 20 (for 200% Adrenaline gaine in Surprise state - doesn't work on Nemesis most of the time)


Arc Sword with "20% chance to deal double damage and heal that amount" (doesn't work most of the time)

I've got a melee Crusader with the same passive on his weapon and it works without problems.


Movement -> Cooldown reduction skills (3% bonus for skills loner than 1 sec work fine)

- Cerebral Feedback "Dealing critical hits reduces skill cooldowns by 10%" (doesn't work most of the time)


- Defiance "Reduces skill Cooldown by 1 second when the character is hit" (seems only to work, when hit by other enemies, but not really sure)


- all skills except of Massacre

The goal of that build ist to keep up the Temporal Distortion Field of my armor and in all other situations it works just fine and sometimes even on the Nemesis.

13 days ago

could you please specify which enchants as well as passive skill are not working in the Nemesis battle? We will try to reproduce the issues you encountered. Thank you in advance!