PS4 "exclusive theme" not available for download



Just bought the season pass this weekend and I'm looking for the advertised theme that came with it. Nothing can be found on the psn store. When going to the sony store directly through a browerser it can be found and is indeed free, but when i try to download it (from the theme section under ps4 settings) it comes up with an error and sends me back to the psn store where, again, the theme cannot be found.   

Just hoping for some direction. Thanks!

Store Page
PS4 "exclusive theme" not available for download
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3 years 20 days ago
Please check on @WAROKH‍ 's suggestion and reply back how it helped! 
3 years 21 days ago
This is not a failure from neocore. One of the workarounds for this (it worked at least for me) is that you have to deactivate that your PS4 ist your primary PS4. After that it should be possible to Download the theme