Prophecy Chapter 1 - End Point?


Fellow Inquisitors.

So, I want to bring my Tech-Adept to the end of Prophecy Chapter 1, and onlyt that far, so that once me and by buddy finish Martyr (which we have only just started) I can switch over to the Adept for the rest of the game in coop.

Problem is, I can't see anywhere where it says what Chapter I'm currently on in Prophecy, and neither can I find a list of story missions online so I can see where I need to stop at.

Can anyone offer advice, such as where I can see what Chapter I'm on in Prophecy, or the name of the last mission in Chapter 1?

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt!

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Prophecy Chapter 1 - End Point?
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229 days ago
After 'The Escape' mission with the Tech-Adept you can join your friend to start the 'A Forsaken Station' mission.