Completed mission went to quit to bridge, game crashed, losing all progress on mission forcing me to redo mission.

Hunter of hunters trophy unlocked yet still locked in heroic deeds menu despite the fact that I killed the bosses and completed the levels and all objectives.

Still a glitch on elevated walkways map where player falls through floor can be bypassed by using a roll but may be impassable for characters without access to roll ability.

Ancient relic items dropping with kill x number of eldar even though the eldar have yet to be added.

Challenges need rework, I've killed loads of elites at my level or higher yet none have registered, this seems to be an issue across all platforms as pc players have had this issue as well.

Game seems to have an issue with keeping track of player progression on challenges, heroic deeds etc, maybe implement a manual save for players so data can be stored on console and not on your servers.

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134 days ago
How often does the game crashes for you? Are you playing on  PS4 or Xbox? 

The Heroic Deed and the achievement tracks differently as there is one more pre-requisite a Deed counts: you need to complete the mission. The achievement does not count this but only the kill. I'm pretty sure that's why they differ.
We will check this particular challenge, thanks for reporting it!
Ancient items with this unlock requirement is best to be kept in your stash as Eldars will also arrive to console early next year!:)