Problems so far


First of all let me say that the game already feels pretty awesome for the state it curently is in! Great job, guys. Keep it up!

Technical problems I encountered so far:

1) The Options menu (i.e. the Video settings) doesn't seem to remember my settings. After restarting the game when I set up graphics and re-checking the video settings, everything is reset to default. The settings seem to be reset as well. When I don't re-check the menu, everything is still set up the way I chose it to be.

2) The enemy AI got several lapses. Every now and then there are enemys just standing around and not taking notice of my presence. When I shoot them, everything wents back to normal.

3) After finishing the first mission and accepting to leave the mission, the game gets stuck on the loading screen. Music keeps playing, but nothing happens. Switching to the task manager to manually kill the game's processes didn't work as well. So I had to reboot my rig. After trying to get back into the game it stated, that I was already logged in. Clicking on Reconnect doesn't do anything at this point.

4) The camera is kind of tricky to handle. Maybe an autofunction, where the camera is set in the direction, the character is looking towards, would be a nice option.

5) When killing enemys, it often happens, that they keep standing. You can walk right through them. Looks like the death animations don't work properly every time.

6) Collected loot doesn't seem to stay in the inventory. After the first mission, the game stated, I got several rewards. None of them was in my inventory, when I checked it back in the base.

7) The game crashes randomly every now and then. These crashes are not reproducable and seem to accur absolutely random

8) I found log data in my personal files on my pc. What's the best way to send them to the devs?

Hope my English is understandable. Didn't speak or write for quite some time now...

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Problems so far
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7 years 156 days ago
You, Sir, are awesome! ...and... you got mail. ;)
7 years 157 days ago

You can send it to [email protected] - thanks a lot in advance!

We are already working on these issues, so hopefully we can fix them and release an update very soon.

7 years 157 days ago

I've had 2) and 5) happen quite a bit, which can be funny because enemies will just stand there and you don't know if they're actually dead or just not shooting at you for some reason.  

Completely agree with 4).... the camera feels so cramped and it's difficult the reposition in the middle of a battle. When kiting around a dreadnought he'd constantly go off camera, made it difficult to fight at times. I'm not really sure what a good solution for this would be. I'd like to at least see the camera pulled back a bit more so you can actually see a whole room. 

7) I've actually never finished a mission because the game keeps crashing. I've read in a few other threads that it seems to happen when switching weapons, which I've experienced once. The rest of the crashes seem to be due to a lot of enemies/particle effects on the screen.

7 years 157 days ago
I've noticed 1, 2 and 5 as well.

1) Quality level frequently resets to "Very Low" when I load the game. I have also noticed that the resolution choices are not the same every time. Occasionally 4k is available, usually it is not. Occasionally 1920x1080 is available, usually it is not.

2) This seems to primarily happen with ranged enemies from what I've noticed.

5) This also seems to happen primarily with ranged enemies, from what I've seen.