Privacy setting error trying to create Cabal (xbox)


The error doesn't give me additional information. I did find a reference to the create content setting and I changed that, but I still get the error.

Does anyone know what the right settings are? Or, where I can find out?


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Privacy setting error trying to create Cabal (xbox)
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80 days ago
We will try to figure out which setting is the crucial one. Glad to hear you could solve the problem.
81 days ago
Hi Marcopolocs, thanks, I did find that information elsewhere and changed that setting. It did not solve the problem. So, I basically went through and opened up as many settings as I could find and then I finally was able to create one. Sorry, I was not very analytical about it so I can't specify which one/ones actually made it work. I was hoping for others though that you would have a list somewhere.
81 days ago

Please check on your Privacy settings:

Account > Privacy & online safety > Xbox Live privacy > View details & customize > Game content > here is the 'You can see and upload community creations' if this is blocked you cannot create a Cabal.