Prismatic shot


So the tooltip says that Prismatic Shot has a maximum of three targets, and normally that's what happens regardless of how many mobs are within range of the first target.

However.... if you get them into the right size bottleneck so that they're all mooshed together and stuck, that limit doesn't apply properly--I fired off a Prismatic Shot on a group of about fifteen or so mooks (with a couple Marauders for good measure) and it damaged all of them.

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Prismatic shot
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6 years 353 days ago
This comment was deleted 6 years 353 days ago by Megapull
6 years 353 days ago
Apparently it is working as intended, it is a Piercing ability.
6 years 353 days ago

It acted like the AoE burst shot from the other sniper rifle, which is why I posted it as a bug report, but neat... thanks for the reply! That actually gives us good reason to blast off a cold bore prismatic shot.