possible new bug? PS4


so i decided to do a crusader ranged build without the grav-gun/melta and after getting the final perk in physical damage, the one that is supposed to give stack of vulnerability on attack/hit with a physical damage weapon. and doesn't happen until i let go of the button, and so far every weapon i use from my trusty autogun to a chainsword i used to knock out the melee kills challenge, i always have to let go of the button to get the stack. which seems really unhelpful with a channeled or salvo skill, or as it currently stands thanks to the autogun itself my 3-round burst which has a less then a 1 second cd so i really get to spam it on beefy mobs. i am not sure if it is supposed to work this way/not used as intended, but it kinda bums me out not getting those stacks(not that i need them i just want them)

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possible new bug? PS4
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