Possible Grey Knight class in the future?


I know probably a bunch of people ask if this is coming but I was wondering if the daemon slaying bad asses will ever be in it game. Ever since I saw the dead grey knight impaled on the wall in one of the trailers for this game my excitement grew that finally a Warhammer 40k will let you be one of them and send the daemons back to hells of the warp. So here to hopping and keep up the great work devs the game is amazing  

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Possible Grey Knight class in the future?
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6 years 299 days ago

Normally Space Marines do not become inquisitors. Maybe you can get one for your retinue...

6 years 289 days ago

I'd rather have one for my retinue than play one myself...

6 years 289 days ago

Grey Knights, when badass just isn't enough. SOLD

-Vigil Ironcross

6 years 298 days ago

If they would throw in a "terminator" class i need to find my "Shut up and take my money!" picture. Normally... whats normal about Martyr ^^. 40K is just a setting and you play a coordinator in the frontlines who would normaly be ripped appart at first enemy contact like we have it ingame. You are a emporershamingsuperherospacemarinerapingdeamonpurgingmegamonsterdivenvengance beeing in this game, not an inquisitor ^^. So why not Grey Knights?

6 years 289 days ago

Please no char swaps. Prestige classes are fine but no on the fly changing.

6 years 288 days ago
Posted by Irrelewahnt 6 years 289 days ago

Please no char swaps. Prestige classes are fine but no on the fly changing.

Less "on the fly" and more "between missions."

6 years 291 days ago

Grey Knights are the combat arm of Ordo Malleus though. Inquisitor finds the chaos taint, Grey Knights come in and handle the daemons. That would be a cool mechanic though. Alt characters that can be swapped into missions. Would promote leveling alts as well. Different types of characters have strengths for certain types of missions. Allowing the swap would add some depth. Send the assassin on the stealthy missions and the crusader on the tanky ones. Account levels up continuously, characters level separately. Not too far off from the current iteration. 

I am also on the "would pay for Grey Knights" bus. I have already bought the game, but if that was DLC and it was done well I would be all in. The Knights would make an interesting prestige class or something like that. Psykers  to Grey Knights, Crusaders to DeathWatch, and Assassins to Sisters of Silence. I am sure there are ways to work it in or make it unlockable without totally going off the canon rails. Bring a character and account to 50, unlock a level 1 prestige class for that character's class, with additional story or end game maps/missions, similar to Path of Exile or the Van Helsing endgame.