Port Aria (Chernobog Sector) Crash


Apologies if I missed something, just wanted to report that loading into Port Aria does not appear to work in my game. When trying to do so in co-op it constantly reported "Server not Found" and froze up/crash (I did get to stare at the pretty port art though). When trying to run it solo, an error popped up noting that it failed to load a particular map and then crashed again.

For reference, the mission was a Heresy (Type: Purge). 

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Port Aria (Chernobog Sector) Crash
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7 years 126 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, we are already aware of this issue, and  I have added this to our bug tracker. We'll try and fix this ASAP.

In the meantime, you can try verify game integrity via Steam and making sure you are using the newest, v0.1.2 build (Main menu, bottom right corner).

7 years 126 days ago
Hi - I did the verify with a reset to Steam and am currently using v.0.1.2 but the error occurred. 

More specifically, the pop up reads:

"CoreTech2 error

Fatal error at GameLogic\GameMode\GameMode_ARPG.cpp(103): Map config file not found: Map_02"