money back


Thanks For nothing. I bought your game and all i got is nothing. No email no response. Is this how how make your games?

I look forward to take may 40 $ bake from you. Nice for getting nothing. Or do you think Germans are assholes to scram?

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money back
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3 years 15 days ago

Mail was received at 12.47 

Key has been sent out at 12.55

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3 years 15 days ago
Don't worry, we will get back to everyone. If you have written to [email protected] , my colleague will 100% get back to you with your problem.
3 years 15 days ago
Calm yourself my friend, the emperor will provide
3 years 15 days ago

3 years 15 days ago

Check the forums, they have a few helpful suggestions.

3 years 16 days ago
Uhm what..... just mail them? Otherwise, check your History on your account, your game should be in your inbox if you validated your mail.