Please add 13 trophies, 195 points or more with the soon coming Season 1 DLC


Hello and thank you for the excellent gameplay/story :) I enjoyed the it/voice acting.

I am anticipating more  great things coming along the way <3


About the trophies. them is amount the  top 350 PSN games on all times. due to the amount of trophies and their value/points

Please, do whatever it takes to bring another 13 or more trophies - along with 195 or more points/value.

This piece of Art is far more worthy that most of other games.

Some others shovel random amount of trophies at almost every update/patch.

And some others like old   Motorstorm   got the highest points in one of it's DLCs  with   285 points

Please kindly accept this feedback/suggestion <3

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3 years 339 days ago
<3 thx a lot .

Remember , nothing is too late to add. 

 I have seen some games adding a full trophy list with even a platinum one after a long time of release.

3 years 341 days ago

I will forward this request to our console team they will take it into consideration. Thank you very much for your feedback!