Fusion totally bugged


Hi there!! I tried to fusion my armor 5 min ago. It is totally bugged had powerrating 235 now i have 208 it first shows 238 % /that was wired) and after fusion it shows 100 % and i cant fusion it anymore

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Fusion totally bugged
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3 years 211 days ago
The strange thing is (if i understood):

Armor 235 without any fusion (0%)

You put one equipment who is max (100%) in order to fusion your armor

You see, before any validation, that will be at the end 238%

You start fusion, it shows 100% (that’s normal)

And the final result is : you have your new armor 208, with a 100% potential

So yeah, fusion actually boost power value, so it’s a little bit awkward. I never saw in my case this problem. Try to contact support ?

3 years 212 days ago

the 100% means that you cannot fuse other items with the main item anymore. There is a limit in the fusion process - if there would not be one than you could fuse items to your heart's content and get a really overpowered item at the end.