Player/Game/Server stats


So in games like Grand Theft Auto, they have a stats page. How many miles (or km) you've traveled etc etc. tl;dr

We need to record:

Kills (type of enemy)

Guardsmen lost*

Relics found

cr/$ cost of collateral damage

maybe one-shot kills or named demonic/champions killed

# of investigations and tarots completed

I'm sure there's other stuff people can think of, but how cool would it be to see those stats a month, a year, a decade from now? 

10,786,800,999 guardsmen rescued in this sector

12,555,555,555 guardsmen killed in this sector :P

*allied npcs would have to quit the mission when it was technically complete, so that you weren't penalized for going further instead of quitting. 

From a developer perspective, being able to publish in two years that we fired 12 quadrillion rounds or killed 90 billion creatures keeps you in the news and helps keep the game alive in the media. Seems like a win win to me. And should be pretty easy to impliment? 

Sorry for the daily flood of requests...


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Player/Game/Server stats
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5 years 126 days ago
I'd really like to know how much damage I do with each spell and ability one each level, too. I'm betting 80% of my damage comes from fiery form on some levels.