Platform Map Trouble


Couple issues with new platform map. The largest being the Nurglings or Warglings, whatever the name. They cannot be targeted therefore cannot be killed. Luckily I did run them back to a turret and kill them. Very difficult as you are taking on 20-40 at a time. My character toon is getting stuck on the platform ramps whereas you run up and are instantly turned around no matter how many times you try. On one platform the enemies were disappearing from sight but not from game. I would have to keep backing up until they reappeared. The crashing issues seem to have stopped. Congrats on that fix.

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Platform Map Trouble
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5 years 206 days ago

I have experienced the exact same problem.  However targeting problems are not limited to the nurglings - I find that there are targeting issues whenever there is a change in platform level.  For example, if I am kiting enemies up or down a ramp I cannot target them until I reach the next level (up or down) and they either reach the same level that I am on or at least get close to the same level.  This makes combat very difficult for a character with a ranged weapon.

Platform maps also cause pathing problems all the time.  Unless I rotate my camera view to be behind my character I can find myself in a situation where the game will have trouble understanding where I want to go or not move me in the worst case scenario.  This is not good since there can be times where you are running from a mob and you don't have time to reorient your camera view.  Today I also fell through a platform, but luckily I was able to retrace my path and it returned me back to the original platform (from an animation perspective it was almost like my character was on an escalator - she walked a short distance and then "slid" upwards back to the original platform).