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It has now entered into the second week that there seem to be no Chaos Space Marines in the game. We have already established that the Nurgle space marines do not count towards this objective and I have gone through all level 1-3 systems to find that only Nurgle forces are being deployed on missions; unfortunately not having level 3 gear precludes me from the level 4 system (of course if anyone can point me towards a viable planet I would appreciate it).

Additionally I have been allocated the kill 10 elite beast daily objective, also now running into the second week. It seems that only dreadnoughts count towards this, as they are the only thing that I kill that progresses the objective. It seems that dreadnoughts in missions are a scarcity these days as they too only seem to appear on the same maps as those elusive chaos marines ( other elites do not count).

Now, I do recall that this was an issue before and, sadly it seems to be again. Also, I recall that chaos marines and dreadnoughts do appear more frequently in tarot missions, but if one cannot gain sufficient fate points to stand a chance of getting those chaos forces in a tarot mission in the first place, it does detract from the game.

Whilst this is an alpha stage game that the players are testing, maybe some consideration could be given towards encouraging people to test the game through game play by having achievable daily objectives? Even having one that is not so easy to complete as a kind of weekly objective is fair enough, but when 2 out of 3 occur ....

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Daily Objectives
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6 years 283 days ago

It would be unfair not to add this comment, but I will keep it short.

Just now came across the first mission that I can recall that had both Nurgle forces and, Word Bearer forces (Sorcerers, a Dreadnought and Marines). This noticeably helped toward those long standing daily objectives.

6 years 283 days ago

There has not been any indication that the definition of 'Chaos Space Marine' will be altered, nor that they are even going to look into it such as the usual 'We will add it to the list', etc.

My 3rd daily objective is kill 250 chaos cultists, not quite as bad as the other 2 but another objective that takes the best part of a week to grind through; pretty much come to the end of actually playing the game until a reset or new patch.

6 years 284 days ago
Grey Knight

Have we had clarification if plague marines will be added to the quest in future? - It sounds like a bug that they aren't to be honest... But I can't recall any official response to the question. 

Perhaps changing it to killing 50 "large units" which would cover marauders too would be an option.

6 years 284 days ago

Thank you both for your replies.

Individually generated maps along with independently generated daily objectives does seem to be a rather 'curious' design decision. Guessing the amount of time I actually play the game will increase when there is another patch and the daily objectives are reset ( I hope).

6 years 284 days ago

Yeah me too, here and there i have a mission with 2-4 Chaos Space marines without using fate at all. Sometime i have 80 mobs and 2-3 Spacemarines between them that blasting me out of my cover each time...

6 years 285 days ago

I'm not sure if this will satisfy your question but currently he random generator system is not working as intended, the selection of missions for each player seems quite limited to usualyl 3-4 different maps. I myself am seeing a fair few chaos marines (world bearers) whereas others are never even seeing the same map tile set which I am almost constantly plagued with :D - Might explain the issue at least.