[PC] Update for Inquisitor - v2.4.1 | August 11


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.4.1

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a rare crash issue occurring when one received vast amount of loot drops in a mission
  • Fixed a rare crash issue which could occur if one purchased an item from any of the stores right when the timer got reset
  • Fixed an issue where Tech-Adept weapons could not be upgraded with the controller under certain circumstances
  • Fixed the drop rate of the Empyrean Seals, as it could be skewed in Tarot Cards' favor too much
  • Fixed the description of a few item enchants which were related to the Life-Drain mechanism
  • The Thunderbolt of Authority relic enchant could display a nonsensical value sometimes. This has been corrected
  • Fixed the overlapping text problem which appeared on the Reward window
  • Fixed the "Aegis Psalm + Hypergheist Psalm + Shroud Psalm + Nova Psalm" Psalm-code Doctrine
  • Blessing-type Psychic Powers combined with a certain relic enchant could make the character invulnerable to any damage. This has been fixed
  • The Concordia ability of the Psyker's Psy Focus Attribute has been fixed and now affects the Warp Heat reservation of the Blessing-type Psychic Powers
  • Fixed an issue where items dropped from destructible objects could fall under the ground
  • Fixed an issue where the lightning sound effect appearing for Seasonal characters in the Main menu didn't cease to play if one opened the Credits
  • Fixed the Mortify the Flesh Heroic Deed's description which was misleading
  • Fixed the Forbidden Knowledge Radical skill which did not grant XP bonus in certain cases
  • Corrected the Ordeal Tarot card's description which did not contain the time-limit penalty effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Phosphoenic Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm + Neuralis Psalm + Binharic Psalm Psalm-code Doctrine did not work together with the Heat Attacks skill tree's Spontaneous Combustion and the Superheated Discharge
  • Fixed the mission counter under the Player Info window which did not count the Seasonal characters' achievements
  • Fixed an issue where the "+ X% Damage Bonus to Constructs summoned from the Armour slot" relic enchant could roll onto armours which didn't have a summon slot
  • From now on the Heat Damage Bonus stat will get updated if one activates the Witchfire Symbiotics passive skill on the Heat Attacks passive skill tree
  • Fixed the Block active skill of both the Storm Shield and the Suppression Shield as the skill didn't consume Focus while being active
  • Fixed a Construct module skill's lightning effect which could become distorted and as such very unpleasant to the eye
  • Removed the blueprints of the various Construct weapons from all the stores as Construct weapons can no longer be crafted
  • Fixed the Caustic Reagents passive skill of the DoT skill tree which did not grant +1 second to DoT effects duration
  • Fixed the Volkite Psalm which didn't increase the DoT duration
  • Fixed an item enchant which didn't grant DoT duration
  • Fixed the Main Implant of Wrath's relic enchant '+X to the maximum of Enraged tokens' which did not work in Co-Op, unless one took off and then equipped the item once again in mission


  • The time-limit in Multiplayer after the completion of the main objective was 1 minute before players were teleported out. This limit has been increased to 3 minutes to provide enough time to gather loot or finish any other action
  • Rebalanced the Palace Under Siege campaign mission to make it easier to complete it within the given time-limit
  • Slightly reduced the amount of dropped items from destructible objects
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[PC] Update for Inquisitor - v2.4.1 | August 11
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2 years 333 days ago

Thanks for the effort !

But, for the construct weapon blueprint part:

"removed the blueprints of the various Construct weapons from all the stores"

That's not entirely true, my sweet captain is still selling construct weapons yesterday.

2 years 335 days ago
What f.. joke 1 to 3 mins. More unless coding   . Honestly  fix the basic of the  game 1st .  Disconnects. Unless pvp  warzone unless. 

U need very experienced players . That play the game hard . 

Say u guys test things is lie In an half . Please stop with non sense .


This game could be even more amazing  if u talked to right  players . (Hardcore one) 

2 years 335 days ago
They should only drop in void. More often.  

Reg game play like Intel etc   is very rare. 

2 years 336 days ago

Psyker weapons (all Psyker Rods, Staves and Blades) with Morality rarity weren't dropping and I believed this was going to be fixed with this patch. Is it just missing from the list of fixes?