loading times (maps)


why does  loading maps/ loading are so long for no reason ? send more time loading the game / then playing it ( jokes)

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loading times (maps)
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323 days ago
Well, that is at least what I have heard from the so-called Experts and from advisors in general. So do with it, whatever you want to do really.

I don´t think and will not imagine it being the Server´s fault though.

Could it be your SSD´s age? Because I know and also heard that SSD is not the same thing as the usual old regular Harddisk is.

323 days ago
Both of u have no idea what ur taking.  It the f.... server loading time and terrible as f . I have done  all that s... many time nah nah.  It very simple upgrade the sever . Or delete use sh.. in the game . 
324 days ago
Cerberus Hades

Try resetting your console, and see if it happens within an hour of gameplay, if you are playing for an extended period of time much like PC's and depending on the game the console can get sluggish. A occasional restart after a few hours will do wonders.

You can also check if your consoles fans/exhaust are dirty, it can be getting hot.

I don't know if consoles have a tool in system options to check drive for errors, if it does try running that. 

If there are no errors it might be a capacity issue like Kundari says.

If all this fails, then its probably a nurgling living under youre bed, that is sabotaging your fight against the void.

325 days ago
Ok, External SSD on Xbox.

So, I do not know how much junk you do have on your SSD, but in most cases when regarding SSD Disks, the recommended space to have with absolute nothing is and can be up to around 100 and even plus GBs.

326 days ago
doesnt make an different since alrighty have that. xbox. not pc
327 days ago
Then get yourself a new Harddisk then and make it a SSD. And don´t fill it up with tons of unnecessary junk. Let there always be tons of free space used for nothing.