[PC] Season of the Empyrean Echoes is out now!


Patch v2.5


the Season of Empyrean Echoes is here. Deadly enemies of past eras have been resurrected by the Warp and vomited back into Realspace, bringing a new reign of terror and havoc to the Imperium. Hunt down these Revenants and Empyrean Elites with extreme prejudice and send them back into the Sea of Souls where they belong. Then embark on a Crusade in the Void and reap your well-deserved rewards.

A full overview of the features of Inquisitor's 4th Season can be found here - make sure to check it out to see the new mechanics, objectives and other things. 

Based on community feedback we reworked some existing features of Inquisitor listed below: 

New/reworked features 

  • GUI redesign: the second instalment of the refreshed interface has arrived. After the Main Menu and Character Creation, all in-game panels have received visual and UX updates
  • Reworked Purge: within Purge missions, you players gain a stacking buff increasing damage and movement speed. Slain enemies may also explode to enhance the carnage, and as you progress, their aggro radius increases
  • Reworked Killstreaks: there are now 7 Killstreak effects that grant increasing Damage / XP bonuses for 10 seconds. These can be enhanced via the new Seasonal Items as well
  • Reworked the Unholy Cathedral: players now have 10 minutes to defeat 10 extremely strong waves within the new Unholy Cathedral. A new Leaderboard for the fastest times has been implemented along with new, special rewards that can be acquired once per day, per character

Fixed bugs 

  • If one switched from the General channel to another in the Chat, they could not enter the channel again. From now on, using the /g command, players can open the General channel. Switching between the channels with the Tab is also possible
  • Fixed the missing flashlight of the Tech-Adept
  • Fixed the missing Inoculator effect of the Tech-Adept
  • Corrected the Static-burst Psalm-Code's description: it increases the duration by 1 second
  • Corrected the Electro-haze Psalm-Code's description: it increases the duration by 1 second
  • Increased the drop-rate of the Void Shards. Some rarely dropped, while others could be regularly looted in missions. Moreover, only 1 could drop at a time but this number can be even 9 at certain cases. The higher drop-rate will be more noticeable on higher level missions
  • Upon creating a character in Spanish localization the descriptions of the given class mechanics were not displayed properly. With the new GUI redesign, this issue has been removed
  • Fixed an issue where if a character increased its level two times in a single mission, the Seasonal objectives which required the character to reach a certain level did not count the accomplishment
  • The Death Cult Blade of Storm Ancient item's relic enchant did not apply Blind properly. This has been fixed


  •  From now on, the Cheating Death Heroic Deed will count the destroyed traps as well, not just the activated ones

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[PC] Season of the Empyrean Echoes is out now!
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2 years 164 days ago
I must be honest here and say that even though I find Inquisitor always and will always be playing it and have fun with it, I have to say that this Season 4 is (even though I WILL play and fully to try finish all goals to reach and get on the Accomplished list) I have to honestly say that it is boring. I can´t say that I´m all impressed and such, no. Season 1,2 & 3 was and is by far the best. Even though I got very upset after Season 1 & 2. Lol. But that also showed I liked them a lot.

Season 4 is also not having in my honest opinion the very best mechanic overall either. I´m not sure really what to say about it, but it is just not that great, fun or appealing to me, and it really doesn´t have that - I get dragged to it - feeling as I felt with Season 1,2 & especially 3.

One way of saying it is also I think, it is just there, and I´m doing it, but it doesn´t give me much of anything, I just do the thing I do and that is it, and that is all there is to it kinda way.

And please Neocore, please do something about all the Challenges on all 5 Tiers. 95% of all is still just the very same thing after all previous Seasons. And I think this is one of the reasons for Season 4 to be dragged down a notch.

I´m not gonna say that some Seasons is not going to be slightly boring. Making a Season which is appealing to everyone and make it GREAT FUN, and then make the following Season even more great and even better then the precious one, is really a form of Art, and very difficult, of course, but this Season 4... Sighh.

Anyway, just me, being honest with my feelings for Season 4 overall.

2 years 192 days ago
that way pass 4 months, no way , isnt far then we all issuse before then , seem fair,,
2 years 192 days ago
I bought this game on steam when it first launched and i remember having mixed feelings about it. Three years later and you're still releasing new things and im still playing them. Honestly guys congratz! 
2 years 195 days ago
Earliest estimated arrival is mid-March. Season 3 is still playable on consoles though so grab as many rewards as you can until then. :)
2 years 195 days ago
Hi, any news for consoles ? Ty