[PC] Season of Malediction out now | June 27


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor have been released. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Welcome to the Season of Malediction!

Your urge to fight and to spread the will of the Emperor might be as strong as ever, but be aware, as heresy comes in many different shapes and colors! Start your journey anew! New goals and epic rewards await all Seasonal characters who slay the foes of the Empire, who this time around spew Malediction unto the glorified warriors of the Imperium!

Season 7 Trailer

To get a full understanding of all the Seasonal mechanics and to learn more about the new Seasonal items, shards, frames as well as the objectives you have to complete, it is recommended to check the Compendium here.

Patch v2.7.3

New Features

Enchantment Browser

  • With Season 7, we introduce a long awaited feature to Inquisitor - the ability to view all enchantments and their properties within the game. To access the Browser, players must have Artificer Omikron Arkh unlocked on the Command Bridge - the Browser has its own separate tab on the crafting UI.

Main Features of the Enchantment Browser include:

  • Filter by name
  • Filter by type (Primary/Secondary/etc.)
  • Filter by Item Type (what items can a specific enchant roll on)
  • Filter by Seasonal / Non-Seasonal
  • Filter by Class
  • Filter by equipped/inventory item
  • Upon selecting an enchant, its its unique ID and valid items are displayed on top of the enchantment's type and descripton. The browser automatically updates on selecting or deselecting criteria, or by typing in an enchant ID or description.

Seasonal Overview

Maledictive Missions

75% of all Random Missions will have unique rewards but also new enemy hazards and rewards:

  • Within Noxious Missions, enemies are cursed with the Toxins of Nurgle.
  • Dangerous Warp Anomalies spread across Warpbound Missions. Some are beneficial, some are lethal.
  • Infernal fires spread across Smouldering Missions. Can you handle the heat?

Caches of Malediction

  • Within each type of Maledictive Mission, players can find Caches of Malediction - each of them contains different, valuable treasures!

Void Crusades of Malediction

  • Within Void Crusades of Malediction, every Champion+ enemy becomes Maledictive
  • Every 24 hours, three Void Crusades become Maledictive, rotating in a linear way during the course of the Season
  • Within a Void Crusade of Malediction, every mission is Maledictive.

Seals of Malediction

Within the Season of Malediction, players can obtain a new type of Seasonal Item called Malediction Seals.

  • These items were designed to aid players within the Season and to counter the effects of each type of Malediction. Each of them bears a huge bonus against its opposite element, but each of them bear various penalties, so choose carefully which one you use.
    • There are two types of Seals from each element, an offensive and a defensive type. Their stats can roll in a wide range and cannot be rerolled, so you must get lucky, or be patient until you get your desired Seal of Malediction.
    • Seals of Malediction can be dropped from Heralds of Malediction, or purchased via Ragna van Wynter on the Command Bridge for 2000 Slivers of Malediction. Each Stash of Malediction contains a Purity Seal of the same element (it is a 50/50 chance which one will you get).
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[PC] Season of Malediction out now | June 27
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