[PC] Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.2.0 - Sept 11


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.

This update features numerous changes to the chat and Social interface of the game. Be sure to read our related article on the topic!

New Features

  • Re-introducing the new chat
  • New Mail window - available from the Command bridge
  • The Player Information window now also includes the Player's last played Class, Rank and Power Rating

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a severe model artifacting issue
  • Several localization fixes
  • Fixed the skill tag of the Null Rod's Annulment skill
  • Improved AI of freed NPCs in Rescue Missions
  • Various minor Rescue game mode fixes
  • Special characters in the game's path no longer cause issues
  • Smoothed out Alt+Tabbing back and forth into the game
  • Fixed the Forbidden Knowledge skill (and it appears on the GUI as well now)
  • Fixed the Eternal Warrior perk
  • During the first Grim Harvest mission, enemies moving to their destination had their movement speed reduced so the mission is easier to complete
  • Dirty Fighting and Castigation passive skills fix
  • Aether Strike does not require a target to dash anymore
  • Melee combat targeting improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the Start button was not disabled when it should have been
  • Fixed an issue with Defense maps where the last groups were retreating instead of attacking
  • Fixed skull trap lasers occassionally appearing elsewhere on the map
  • Fixed the Deploy Tarantula Sentry skill - when 3 turrets are already active, recasting the skill will destroy the first one and put a fresh one in its designated location
  • Fixed the Purifying Flames Heroic Deed
  • The Blessed by the Omnissiah Heroic Deed now has a new requirement
  • The Entropin Inoculator component is now unlocked properly
  • Fixed the Mysteries of Rotwang mission where kill speed affected completion
  • Trauma Reinvigoration (Warzone Benefit) now appears properly
  • Fixed Inoculator slots falsely being displayed on the Crafting panel (they are always randomized)
  • Fixed Single Target skill tags duplicating in tooltips
  • Fixed placeholder appearing when modifying appearances in Stealth Armor
  • Fixed missing string for Regenerative Booster Gland
  • Fixed the Tooltip of the Rosarius Force Field
  • Fixed the tooltip of the Relic Heavy Bolter enchant - it should've stated "AoE on kill" instead of "on hit"
  • Fixed a missing string for the Favour consumable
  • Fixed mechanics for the Favour consumable
  • Fixed swapped signum/weapon slots on the Modify/Fusion panel
  • Fixed a bug where Destruction Amplification reduced consumable effect duration
  • Fixed Imperial Guard pathing for Rescue missions
  • Fixed an error when starting Co-op Nemesis missions
  • Fixed the Rapid Elimination Protocols not working properly in Co-Op
  • Fixed Eradicative Protocols not working properly in Co-Op
  • The Crush and Constrict skills received their proper Single Target tags
  • Added missing 'Digital Weapons' buff description
  • Added missing 'Deflector' buff description and icon
  • Added several missing error messages
  • Fixed the swapped icons on the Morality window
  • Fixed the missing voice acting for Ragna van Wynter after players have activated Uther's Tarot
  • Fixed a wrong dialog of Helena Goslar at the end of the 'Through Fire and
  • Flames' investigation
  • The correct Weekly Glory value is now shown after completing a Priority Assignment
  • Fixed an issue where the player had infinite uses of the 'Artillery Strike' world skill on Siege missions
  • Fixed an issue where a player was unable to see other player's execution animations during Co-Op missions
  • Fixed an issue where the Cabal description's scrollbar at the Player Info card caused the selector to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Cabal Invitations got stuck in the player's Data Terminal after accepting them
  • Fixed an issue where the Data Terminal would remain stuck on the screen even after clearing its contents
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Search Cabal' function was present on the Character Sheet for players that were already Cabal members
  • Fixed an issue where the Crusader would not charge towards an enemy when using the Greataxe's 'Execute' skill
  • The tooltip for the Advanced Crafting Materials will no longer get stuck after switching to the Crafting tab
  • Several GUI improvements and bugfixes (unreadable texts, line cuts etc.)
  • Fixed scrollbars for languages with special characters


  • Improved auto-targeting system and fixed bugs with interactable objects and executions
  • Fixed an issue when players could force themselves in a Cabal after applying with the A button using a controller
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to Salvage the default Inoculator item via controller
  • Fixed an issue where the Inoculator or the skill bound to the R1/RB button could get stuck on controller
  • Fixed an issue where using Armor skills made all the buttons unresponsive using a controller
  • Fixed the description of the 'Allied Units' Tutorial for controller users
  • Added deadzone for the left stick
  • Barrels can now be blown up with a button combination (shown on screen) for a better tactical experience
  • When you use the "Target Lock" on to an enemy, the camera will now automatically zoom out to maximum distance
  • The duration of effects provided by Consumable Items are now also shown on the Star Map
  • Reworked Morality choice window in the campaign
  • The following skills' controls are reworked:
    • 'Molten Beam' for Psyker
    • 'Hot Shot' for Lasgun


  • Reduced the requirement of Tithe Collector from 10 million credits to 500K credits
  • Reborn Warmaster's burst skill had its damage reduced by 20%, cooldown increased by 25%, spread increased by 30%
  • Medusae got its HP reduced to 3000 and its base damage from 650 to 250
  • Wrack Gunner no longer has a knockdown
  • Greatly increased enemy insta-heal skill cooldowns
  • Reduced passive HP regen of numerous enemies by 50%
  • Medusae's drain skill and the Talos Twin Haywire Blaster skill no longer pass through covers
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[PC] Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.2.0 - Sept 11
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5 years 309 days ago

 "Dirty Fighting" and "Castigation" was hidden intentionally because these have no effect on the player but on the enemy so we decided not to display it.

5 years 311 days ago

Still no word on:

How is "Dirty Fighting" fixed now?

How is "Castigation" fixed now?

It has both been nerfed, apparently, but why hide that?

5 years 314 days ago
Nice.When we can expect those changes in full on console versions?Some of them we got yesterday but not all of them.Also some things after this patch are not working properly like you cannot see dmg modifiers during mission. Finally do you aim to implement the chat and mail system on consoles?
5 years 315 days ago

Well since I can't report bugs from my game (dunno why), I will write here and hopefully developers can see it.

since the new patch it seems the Extreme Fortune has been nerfed or generel the drop rate. Before the patch you were guaranted to get a relic item from elites in tarrots mission if you had choice the hourglass tarot card (on of the only way to get guaranted relic loot), now you rarely get it even from those :( The drop system is already low, why make it even harder to get decent loot??

5 years 315 days ago

Substantial patch, thanks NC! 

Jiayou (motivating shout in my native tongue) for the next patch, hopefully its main focus would be on the weapons :) (Heavy bolter? :3) just wishing. Regardless of what the next patch would be about, I appreciate the work put in. Keep it up! 

5 years 315 days ago
Really glad to see some polishing on this game. It deserves to play as good as it looks. 

Aether strike no longer needs a target? That could open up some new build possibilities. 

5 years 315 days ago

You can disable the camera drift thing in options. In Options, Gameplay, adjust "Offset camera to move direction" slider to zero.

5 years 315 days ago
Does anyone have any idea when the Xbox One update comes out?
5 years 315 days ago
Posted by RENDER 5 years 315 days ago
Is this For xbox too?

Nvm, i see it says PC, any info on the Xbox patch soon?

5 years 315 days ago
If you switch from controller and back, keybinds are also lost.
5 years 315 days ago
Very excited to see some of these fixes.  Keep them coming!  Looking forward to a larger player population!
5 years 315 days ago
This fixes from the patch look promising. Good work. Is the bug fixed that a lot of game option changes i. e. key rebinds are lost when the game is closed and opened again. This basically mean I have to bind my movement keys on every start of the game which is a little bit anoying.
5 years 315 days ago

new "bug" introduced:

cam drifting, standing on the bridge and running in any direction then stopping, the cam continues to drift, ever slowing, for about 10 seconds, this is really upsetting to say the least

Same in missions, this is... not good

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5 years 315 days ago
@MEGAPULL‍ or anyone, this needs a bit of clarification!

How is "Dirty Fighting" fixed now?

How is "Castigation" fixed now?

Also GZ for fixing tarantula turrets, which have been bugged in that way as long as anyone can remeber, I honestly did not expect you to ever fix this. :D

5 years 315 days ago
Is this For xbox too?

5 years 315 days ago
Yay, cutscenes don't destroy my armor skill any more (they'd break the self-destruct timers on tarantula turrets, so they'd never despawn and I'd basically be unable to use the skill any more unless I died)!