Gravity Implosion Bug - PC


Hello all, first time posting, sorry it's to complain....

Also, apologies in advance if this is something already discussed.  I tried searching here, but couldn't come up with anything.  The only info I find is on Steam from back around July.  Another player cited the same problem I'm seeing, but there's not really any follow up about it, and it seems to still be happening.

Anyway, I play a Crusader with Grav-Gun as my main weapon of choice on PC.  Gravity Implosion is supposed to have a persistent 5 second effect.  It sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't.  It seems like when firing onto a large group of enemies, where the AOE scores an immediate large number of hits, the supposed 5 second duration ends.  Like, the skill becomes an immediate AOE explosion with no lasting effect.  Other times, the persistent 5 second effect is there, with a swirling implosion sitting for 5 seconds. 

Is this something known about and is already being addressed? 

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Gravity Implosion Bug - PC
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3 years 335 days ago
Thank you for looking into things Marco.

One additional piece of info that may help...

I tried this weekend to figure out what is going on.  I tried using different Grav Guns, from blues, to greens, to purples, but had no effect.  I also tried using different character perks, but they had no effect.

One thing that may be related to my problem is that I have the Area Effects Skill Tree maxxed out, so I have the bonus about the number of hits with AOE reducing cool down time.  It's hard to say for sure, but it seems like hitting a big group with the gravity implosion, and immediately reducing cooldown, is  maybe turning off the persistent 5 second duration of the implosion effect.  

I haven't tried getting rid of the Area Effect skill tree to see if that's the problem because I would have to use a mind reset to do it.

Not sure if the above will help, but maybe an idea to look at.  

3 years 335 days ago
Thank you for addressing this problem. We will  try to reproduce and fix the problem!