[PC] Fate resource can be lost in CooP Multiplayer?



Last week in Wednesday/Thursday I tried co-op. Used CooP Multiplayer terminal on the Command Bridge. Was 71 lv Tech-Adept, found the game with random player, played it fine, complete it, back to bridge but for some reason alone, sold some loot, noted that I have somewhat around +600 Fate. Played another one. Same story - back to Bridge alone, sold some loot and notice that I have +400 Fate...

Is there any way to confirm that it was not my imagination? Did it bugged out and I saw host's Fate and mine was lower all the way or did I lost 200 Fate per game? Or maybe even more since I didn't notice difference after my first game.

Yeah I know, It is been almost a week, I tried seek answers on Steam Forum, futile of course...

Is there any resource balance logs to check?

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[PC] Fate resource can be lost in CooP Multiplayer?
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275 days ago

As your logs did not help in the matter we put the issue aside at the time but lately started to pay attention to the Fate points before and after co-op runs. The checks did not reveal such a problem until now. Hopefully it was just your imagination back then.

On the other hand if you notice any similar problem in relation with your currency or anything else please let us know.

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364 days ago

Neocore: AminusTek

In game, both account and character: Aminus Tek

1 year 20 hours ago

Please tell me your account name so we can check on your logs.

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