(PC) Bug in Martyr Version 2.1.2


So after deleting my old level 88 Crusader and starting again due to the 2.0 changes, I’ve encountered the following bugs;

1. The ‘Mission Complete’ screen no longer plays and gets cut off on all five of the starting missions on the Martyr,  oddly though it’s fine after the first five missions.

2. You can no longer collect ‘spare’ medical and supply drops from the crates when you have the room, despite the graphic still showing next to the crate.  You used to be able to go back and get them if you needed them later, and if you had the room.  This no longer works.

3. Caius Thorn gets cut off when rescuing imperial guard from their cells in the 4th mission on the Martyr.  Happens when you rescue the second batch.

4. The buyback tabs from Ragna wynter no longer keeps sold items in them.

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(PC) Bug in Martyr Version 2.1.2
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3 years 83 days ago

The Mission completed titles are deliberately not displayed at the end of the Tutorial missions.
Thanks for the reports, we will check the rest!

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