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When playing the Chaos Undivided mission "Viper's Nest" my friend and I, in coop, cannot progress. The Inner Circle Members have close to 20k HP and neither of our characters can kill one fast enough if there is more than one attacking us at a time. They regen health so quickly that when we do get one on low HP they regen all of it almost instantly. My friend is playing as a Heavy Weapons Crusader and I am playing as a Psyker. We cannot scratch them and we are both lvl 36. (We are only playing on the +5 difficulty/"Impossible" setting.) Please help as these enemies make the level unplayable and we cannot proceed further in that story.

(I was barely able to beat these Inner Circle Members in my solo Assassin campaign too. The only way I could even hope to defeat them was with Null weapons that neither the Psyker nor the Crusader have access to. Before equipping the Null weapons I had the same difficulty and could not come close to beating the mission.)

Please help as even at the lowest level of difficulty we are unable to beat more than one of these enemies at a time. Each one takes at least several minutes to beat, if we only aggro one of them...otherwise it is hopeless.

Is this level of difficulty intended? Even on the lowest setting? This severity seems more like a bug. Please fix this as in videos I have seen these enemies go down much faster and with far less HP.

In the above Youtube video that I was able to find you can see around the 2:40 mark that the Inner Circle Member's HP is at 2k...(and on a much higher difficulty than what my friend and I are playing on.)

This video shows the same around the 3:42 mark.

These videos are both from 2018 so this HP level may not be the most up-to-date but this issue still seems to a major bug.

Please help!

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3 years 86 days ago


Thank you for getting back. We tried, for several hours, various skill combinations, weapons and psyker spells with very little effect.

The only way we were able to beat one of these characters was by only attracting one (and only one) at a time and pummeling it constantly once all the other weaker units were dead around it. My friend was able to stun lock one with the Gravity Hammer for a time, with me casting all kinds of damaging spells against her, but even doing that required several minutes of constant heavy attack to bring just one down. That being said, if two or more of these characters were aggroed against us we could not beat them and would have to either quit the mission or inevitably die. 

This path seems unfeasible as this requires that each mission, wherever these enemy characters are present, take several hours to complete. (Again, not to mention that a single slip of having another of these enemies attack us at the same time would doom any mission progress we had made up to that point.)

I tried to included a screen shot from my game of the enemy's HP in my game playing alone on "Normal"...the HP of the unit is close to 11200. (With the same ultra fast healing that largely prevents me/us from taking her/them down.)

Thank you for getting back so quickly! I hope to hear more from you about this issue.

3 years 88 days ago

Please note that both the difficulty setting and being in a party increases the stats of the enemy units in missions which make it harder to complete a given mission. 

I would recommend our Steam forum and Discord channel where there are many builds are available for each class, it would worth a check.
We will also run some tests to check whether some adjustment should be done.

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