[PC] Bad Graphical Errors - patch version 2.2.0

Using a xbox one controller for windows.

I'm getting game objects flicker, disappear and reappear depending on moving the camera, or simply not show up at all after the 2.2.0 patch.  So far I've had this happen to a Daemon Gate, a large orange loot Chest, a Anti Air Craft Turret and a Renegade heavy Flamer Turret.

Also the ribbon of the Purity Seal is behaving oddly - I've had it 'curled' into the air, and stuck - that when you rotate your character on the inventory screen it stretches around the screen - before flickering - then going complete corrupt.  This one tends to happen the most when you view your inventory when in game - but also happens on the bridge.

In the 'Extras' section on the Bridge - if you access the Cosmetics tab - then Helmets - each time you select a new helmet it causes a large temporary graphical corruption with each switch.

System Spec: Nvidia GTX 1080ti - Driver 441.20 on Windows 10 64 bit

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[PC] Bad Graphical Errors - patch version 2.2.0
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3 years 8 days ago

Hello, thanks for having a look at this issue. 

I also have all the time since 2.2 this flickering/disapearing issue for Daemon Gate, large orange loot Chest, some Turrets. It s getting quite annoying.

For information I also have MSI geforce GTX 1080TI graphic card : Nvidia driver 436.48

CPU : I7 8700K

I play on 2560x1440 G-sync enabled and Vsync enabled from the nvidia settings

3 years 13 days ago

We will check the purity seal, thanks for reporting it.

The vanishing objects are already under investigation on our end, more information on this can be expected only later.

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