Endless Warzones Reintroduction


Is there a chance we could see endless warzones reintroduced? It was fun seeing how far your build could carry you,  as well as seeing if you could beat the big titan every so often.

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Endless Warzones Reintroduction
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220 days ago
I would like to see the old warzone reintroduced as I loved how chaotic it was, there was so many enemies and it was actually ENDLESS! The only thing I would get rid of is the warzone perk that capped the damage taken at 850,. Without that people wouldn't reach absurd ranks as eventually there would be no way to survive the damage taken. Also more maps are needed.

The new warzone is boring and useless, its like doing a bunch of intel missions in a row, it shouldn't have been added.

221 days ago
Brother Kundari

we do not call for the removal of the New Warzone. but Old Warzone had a lot of fans. both Warzones can coexist in a huge galaxy. I can pass the same difficult missions like New Warzone in Void Crusade, Tarot missions or Astropath. therefore, the new Warzone is of little interest to me.

for me personally, the Old Warzone gave another interesting experience. 

221 days ago
No, the old Warzone was in fact nothing but a dull, repetitive endless boring experience through the same thing every darn time.

It is far better as it is now.

221 days ago
Absolutley agree, warzone wuith increazing difficulty, is a good way for endgame, to find builds and stretch your Inquisitor's possibilities to the limit.

Also it will be a good test for balance and available items + game mechanic

222 days ago

cool. I play sometimes in the evenings (gmt+7), but the matchmaking mission is very easy on high levels..

The old warzone was my favorite mode.

yes, multiplayer of old warzone very nice. once we got together at four. it was a meatgrinder.

222 days ago

Hi , got with you in multiplayer, and in a Warzone it would be even more interesting.

Neocore you need to return the old Warzon, for all the cool players, this will be a good piece for high level content

223 days ago

Ordo Developers, we need the old Warzone too! maybe like another location.