[PC] Announcing the start of Season of Malediction



The new season is already creeping around the corner and will be knocking at your doors soon. You still have a little time left to sort out your gear and prepare for the new objectives before the Season of Malediction arrives to PC on the 27th of June!

Hone your blades and clean your riflescopes, as heresy has but grown more powerful since the end of last season. However grim and hopeless your battles may feel, always remember, 

The Emperor protects!

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[PC] Announcing the start of Season of Malediction
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273 days ago

It's time to boost the Neocore Content. We need it, and I know that people would gladly pay you for well-crafted new content to really step up the game.

341 days ago
And I sincerely hope that Challenges in this Season will be New and Hard. I know about 50% of them will be, and always are for the specific Season, but I also wish for those that is always on a Season is this time gone. The usual ones that consists of Complete a full Crusade in various ways, Equip a full items set consisting of only Articifer, Collect 200 of this Rebus Coins, Grind and get max out System(s), etc, etc.. People know what I mean.

Why can´t these be replaced by other more Challenging ones instead of it having to be the same ones over and over again.!?

It is time to up the Content Neocore. We need it, and I know that people would be more then willing to throw money at you, for greatly-made new content, to really up the game.

In fact, I bet people would also love to get the opportunity to buy specific Season packages which is only available while the current Season is active. These Packages could contain both Cosmetics and new great in-game content.